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On the Marabia case, Timor-Leste’s truth commission (CAVR) found that in response to a surprise attack by the resistance army (Falintil) on military targets around Dili, on June 10 1980, the Indonesian military launched an indiscriminate assault against civilians. At least 121 civilians were disappeared, executed or died due to severe torture. Hundreds of women and children were detained and eventually brought to the prison island of Atauro between July 1980- August 1981, where many perished from hunger and disease. This exhibition hopes to bring attention to the experiences of ordinary people, including women, and children.
ACbit, Asosiasaun Chega! Ba Ita, an NGO working on truth and justice, has conducted participatory research with 36 community members (22 women and 14 men), collecting their stories and facilitating dialog with young people. This exhibition was created together by ACbit, AJAR and the people whose stories are depicted here.

Kona-ba Espozisaun ne’e

Kazu Marabia hanesan parte importante ida husi Timor-Leste nia istória. Laos deit tamba kazu ida ne’e hatudu aten-barani husi funu-na’in Falintil sira, maibe nia mos hatudu impaktu husi ataka hirak tutuir-malu ba iha populasaun, liu-liu ba hirak ne’ebe hela iha Marabia, Dare no Becora. Espozisaun ida ne’e iha esperansa atu bele fó atensaun ba iha esperiensia husi ema ordinaria sira, inklui feto no labarik sira.

ACbit, Asosiasaun Chega! Ba Ita, ONG ida ne’ebé servisu kona-ba lia-loos no justisa, hala’o ona peskiza asaun partisipatoriu ho membru komunidade hamutuk nain-36 (22 feto no mane 14), halibur sira-nia istória no fasilita diálogu ho foin-sa’e sira. Espozisaun ida-ne’a kria hamutuk husi ACbit, AJAR no ema ne’ebé nia istória deskreve iha ne’e.



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Marabia Enduring Impunity
Marabia Enduring Impunity

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Visual Report

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