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Learning from the Past for the Future Without Impunity

Asia Justice and Rights, KontraS Sulawesi, SKPHAM Sulteng, JPIT, CIS Timor, and Fopperham are proud to present this series of social analysis from five communities in Indonesia. For the past few years, we have been progressing together with the victims of 1965 atrocities/human rights violations in Yogyakarta, the community of victims of the Poso conflict massacre in Buyu Katedo, victims of human trafficking (TPPO) in Bokong Village, Kupang, the ex-East Timorese refugees in Makarti Village, Malili, East Luwu, and lastly the ex-East Timorese refugees located in Noelbaki, Tuapukan, and Naibonat, East Nusa Tenggara.