A key characteristic of AJAR’s institutional identity is its close, ongoing relationships with survivors of serious violations.  AJAR maintains these relationships by providing support to victims’ organizations, amplifying their ‘voices’ through trainings and workshops.

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Survivor Stories

Quilt of Memory and Hope

Since March 2019, Asia Justice and Rights (AJAR) and the Liberation War Museum (LWM) of Bangladesh have been conducting participatory action research with more than 80 women in the Rohingya…

Survivor Stories

Marabia Memorial

On the Marabia case, Timor-Leste’s truth commission (CAVR) found that in response to a surprise attack by the resistance army (Falintil) on military targets around Dili, on June 10 1980,…

Survivor Stories

The Act of Living

A Photo Exhibition of Women Survivors of Indonesia’s Violence in 1965.

Survivor Stories

Humanity Youth

Learning Humanity. Unlearning Impunity.

Our work with survivors

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AJAR for World Refugee Day 2021

5 months ago – On 20 June, we commemorate World Refugee Day to celebrate and honour the strength, courage and resilience of refugees. This year, AJAR supports the UNHCR’s 2021 World Refugee Day theme:…