A regional NGO working to strengthen accountability and human rights in Asia-Pacific

Asia Justice and Rights believes that peace and democracy can only be sustained if impunity, corruption, denial of the truth about past violations are addressed. We aim to equip both local and national actors with the necessary skills, knowledge and resources for their long-term efforts to strengthen accountability.

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Indonesia-Timor-Leste: Survivors to Reunite and Reconcile Longing to their Families, Home at the Ninth Reunion for Timor-Leste’s Stolen Children

“I don’t understand what justice is, as I was taken to Indonesia, moved around, sent to another family,  as if…

Transitional Justice Course: Innovations and Emerging Best Practices for Accountability and Peace in Asia-Pacific

Course Background Across Asia-Pacific, advocates for truth and justice are facing unprecedented challenges in this post-Covid era. The pandemic was…

Indonesia: Anak Muda di Kamp Eks Timor Timur, Merajut Nasib pada Negeri yang Dijanjikan

Puluhan anak-anak muda eks Timor Timur di Kupang berkumpul dan dengan bangga menuturkan kisah hidup mereka dalam sebuah pameran karya…

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Strengthening regional transitional justice networks and south-south linkages

Asia Justice and Rights is strongly committed to linking countries transitioning from various situations where human rights violations have occurred — focusing our work in places attempting to build a stable democratic base following prolonged conflict or authoritarian rule. We are committed to linking countries transitioning from various situations such as war, dictatorship or where human rights violations have occurred.

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Groundbreaking Research and Innovative Practices

Asia Justice and Rights produce publications drawing on years of experience working on conflict and peace-building. Alongside our partners, we have worked to document human rights violations, worked with transitional justice organisations and victims/survivors in order to know how to deal with the challenges of justice and rights.

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