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Dawn’s Glow & Revolt and Resist — A Graphic Novel Diptych

Asia Justice and Rights in collaboration with Sisters2Sisters proudly presents a graphic novel diptych of “Dawn’s Glow” and “Revolt and Resist”. This graphic novel is a reminder for us to demand an end to impunity, to stand with survivors in their quest for justice and healing.

“Dawn’s Glow” shines on Anyar area, Myanmar, in its first rays, but for a young woman its light reveals a trauma etched deep. An assault at the hands of an armed soldier shatters her world. The narrative carefully refrains from explicitly naming the affiliation of the soldier, leaving the reader to ponder the broader implications of conflict in the region. This is a story not just of one survivor, but of the countless unheard voices in war’s wake. It illuminates the light on the enduring strength of those who rise above their pain to create a community bound by shared experiences and healing.

Revolt and Resist plunges into the gritty realities of Yangon’s garment factories, where women workers confront a gauntlet of hardships: human rights violations, sexual harassment, and ever-present military threats. But amidst the struggle, the narrative ignites a beacon of hope. These women, their voices woven into a powerful chorus, defy adversity and mobilise for justice. ‘Revolt and Resist’ is a testament to the unyielding spirit of women fighting for their rights, one stitch at a time.”

These are not merely stories, they are testaments to the unwavering spirits of women who refused to be silenced.