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Speaking Truth for Peace (Burmese Subtitle)

Myanmar/Burma has endured decades of civil war and political violence. Despite some political openings, activists who speak out continue to be put behind bars and fighting is ongoing in several ethnic areas. Women carry the burden of this violence. The women in this film have suffered human rights violations related to armed conflict and/or political violence: Ta’ang women from conflict-affected areas in Northern Shan State, women village heads from war-torn Karen State, and former women political prisoners. They are speaking out for peace. This film accompanies AJAR’s report, “Speaking Truth for Peace: Women’s Experiences of War and Impunity in Myanmar” in English and Burmese.

Based on AJAR and partners’ participative research, the report captures the stories of 31 women from Myanmar. The report presents the key findings of AJAR’s research, outlines AJAR’s participatory research approach, and provides a list of recommendations for addressing truth, justice, and reparations for the women survivors of Myanmar.