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Quilting for Justice – A Graphic Novel

Survivors of human rights violations have a right to justice. However, the journey to obtaining justice often comes hand-in-hand with complicated and confusing processes, especially when international mechanisms are involved.

In 2017, over 725,000 Rohingya refugees fled mass atrocities in Myanmar and were received by Bangladesh. The Liberation War Museum (LWM) and Asia Justice and Rights (AJAR) have been working with Rohingya women refugees to help them understand their rights and the various mechanisms that have been formed to facilitate victims’ access to justice.

This book explains the different international mechanisms advancing justice for the Rohingya, by following a fictional character as she shares her story and information about the mechanisms with others in her community. When crafting this story, AJAR and LWM relied on their experiences working with female Rohingya refugees in Cox’s Bazar. The images that accompany the story were taken from quilts produced by the women depicting their real-life memories and hopes.

AJAR and LWM would like to acknowledge and thank the Rohingya women survivors with whom they have been working. The women’s stories and their desire to understand and promote justice inspired this book.