The shrinking civic space we are experiencing globally – including in the Asia and Pacific region – is making achievement of human and environmental rights for indigenous people, minorities, women, youth, and the disempowered even more challenging. Globally, human rights and justice are being severely tested in the political and social quagmires of Palestine and Ukraine, refugees seeking sanctuary from conflicts in Asia, Africa and Latin America, and with the rise of authoritarian regimes. 

In the pages of this report are stories of the efforts, achievements and impacts made possible by our supporters, contributors, staff, community leaders, program participants, and collaborators who shared their energy, ideas and hours of life to move justice forward during 2023. We hope you will read about their work and dreams, hopes and challenges, and be inspired to go out into your own community, to join the movement, and work for positive changes. 

AJAR commits itself to address the interwoven challenge of human rights and resource management rights: the sustainable and best answer is human AND climate justice. We will continue to model survivor-based human rights work and ensure “do no harm”. 

Collectively with our partners and networks, AJAR works to bring about structural and impactful changes to society which promote democratic principles and practices that support equity for all, stronger protection of rights, accountability for violations in the past and prevention of violations in the future. At the same time, working and advocating for less impunity, corruption and nepotism. AJAR and partners open channels bringing positive change to individuals, especially victims and the vulnerable. “Help” takes many forms from practical needs and accessing reparations to healing, recognition, and empowerment. 

And finally, AJAR invites you — challenging ourselves and others — to get out of our comfort zone and talk with each other, building broader, collective, inclusive movements. It’s all about solidarity and working together, remembering that hope is real, and truth is our best weapon