On its tenth anniversary, AJAR’s most important contribution to sustainable peace and prosperity has been building resilient cultures and accountable societies, free from impunity.

To mark the occasion, AJAR is proud to present its Annual Report, which both celebrates partnerships and engagements over the last ten years, while providing an overview of AJAR’s activities in 2019.

As the COVID-19 pandemic escalates, with likely consequent human rights violations, AJAR has quickly adjusted its ways of working – adjusting strategies and adapting tools.  ‘Safe distancing’ has encouraged the organization to further invest in online digital platforms in order to build awareness and increase understanding of rights and justice across the region.  Paramount to AJAR’s approach is ensuring the safety of its partners and communities wherever it works.

“Voices of victims, and those challenging violations and government failures, are more important than ever, as we move through this crisis towards a fresh, new, and more accountable future. AJAR is proud to stand beside our partners working in difficult contexts of conflict, displacement and neglect during these important times.” 

– Patrick Burgess, President of AJAR

We invite you to learn more about where we have been and where we plan on our journey hand-in-hand with our partners and our communities.