The challenges of 2017 have strengthened AJAR’s belief that the strategies we have adopted to address and prevent mass human rights violations are well-founded.

AJAR’s program focus on “unlearning impunity” recognizes impunity as the core challenge that must be addressed. After decades of impunity, corruption, nepotism, and mass violations the ‘unlearning’ process cannot be expected to happen in a year or two. It requires building social movements in each context that has experienced the violations. These movements need to include civil society organizations, survivors, business leaders, and government changemakers working together for the decades to come.

AJAR is proud to contribute in a meaningful way to the building of these movements. This year almost 10,000 individuals attended 169 AJAR events, each carefully designed to build the knowledge and ability of the participants to effectively contribute to change. This report includes the details of where and how our work took place.