Marabia Enduring Impunity

The stories of ten women who suffered after the Marabia incident are told here. They were detained, interrogated and tortured. They lost family members, were forced to ‘entertain’ Indonesian soldiers, were raped and sexually humiliated. Two of them also involved as the researcher team. They encouraged other women to be involved in this research process, sharing their participation in the resistance work and their effort to survive severe torture. Their story underscores the potential for women victims to use their experiences in a positive way to help others.

Istória husi feto na’in sanulu ne’ebé sofre hafoin akontesimentu Marabia sei haktuir iha ne’e. Ema kastigu sira, halo inkéritu no tortura sira. Sira lakon sira nia família, obriga atende militár Indonézia, hetan violasaun seksuál, no inimigu hamoe sira seksuálmente, no pior liutan sai atan seksuál liuhusi kazamentu forsadu ho militár durante hala’o sira nia knaar. Ema na’in rua husi sira envolve mós nu’udar ekipa peskizador. Sira enkoraja feto maluk sira atu envolve iha prosesu peskiza ne’e, hodi partilla sira nia partisipasaun iha prosesu luta no sira nia esforsu atu sobrevive iha situasaun tortura ne’ebé todan tebes. Sira nia istória subliña feto vitíma hirak ne’e nia potensia hodi uza sira nia esperiénsia ho maneira pozitivu atu tulun vitíma seluk.

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