News & Updates 20 February 2023

Timor-Leste: Taking the Next Step — Right to Reparations for Survivors of Sexual Violence

Women and other survivors of the widespread sexual violence during Timor-Leste’s 24-year conflict are ageing and continue facing new struggles in their lives, still feeling forgotten by the state. It is nearly 50 years since the start of the conflict when the sexual violence began, and more than 20 years since it ended: survivors range in age from their mid 20s to 70s. AJAR alongside sister organisation Asosiasaun Chega! Ba Ita (ACbit), are scoping the opportunity to fulfil survivors’ rights to reparations, and launching the result of our research today.

Scoping Opportunities & Challenges for Reparations Survivors of Conflict-Related Sexual Violence

Bukae are basic needs for a long journey that are usually carried in a basket. Bukae is a word that survivors linked with the idea of reparative measures—addressing their specific needs in relation to their experiences of conflict-related sexual violence (CRSV).