News & Updates 9 August 2022

Regional: AJAR Launching Toolkit and Case Studies on Indigenous Peoples and the Right to Truth

Every year on 9 August, we commemorate the International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples – a day to raise awareness and protect the rights of the world’s indigenous populations and recognise the achievements and contributions of Indigenous Peoples to improve world issues, especially environmental protection.

Today, Asia Justice and Rights launched a toolkit in two volumes, Indigenous Peoples and the Right to Truth, offering practical assistance to Indigenous and non-Indigenous human rights organisations and activists, as well as governments considering truth-telling processes related to Indigenous Peoples. Co-produced with The Institute for the Study and Advocacy of Human Rights (ELSHAM) Papua, the toolkit distils lessons from forty years of truth commissions, especially those involved and led by Indigenous Peoples.  

Read the toolkit at and the case studies at

This toolkit explores the mechanisms of truth-telling for past injustices that are an option for Indigenous Peoples in achieving the right to truth. It explores practical lessons on conducting a successful truth-telling process that engages diverse stakeholders, focuses on women, and provides methods for enhancing survivors’ participation, civil society partnership, and public education to mobilise social change.