News & Updates 13 April 2021

Training on Gender and Women Empowerment: Participatory Action Research methods & Reduce poverty

Dili, 14 April 2021 – Together with ACbit and FONGTIL, AJAR hosted a training workshop on gender and women empowerment with the use of participatory action research methods to reduce poverty.  This training was carried out with the aim of stimulating the efforts of women’s empowerment focused on economic and Social empowerment. This includes addressing active property and heritage, sufficient income and microfinance interventions.

Specifically, this training aims to:

1. Learn together, how to empower women, focusing on building a safe space to guide and develop women’s skills in Social and economic aspects.

2. Deepen knowledge of violence against women. Gender-based violence and how best efforts are prevention in our context.

3. Learn various participatory research methods that encourage and empower women to address their problems.

The subjects discussed during the training include: Understanding of women’s rights, violence against women and gender-based violence, how to create a safe space for women, how to increase women’s ability and confidence, how to develop women’s leadership skills,  undertaking capacity building in the local context, introduction to research and advocacy on violence against women, introduction of participatory action research methods for documentation and organization, andintroduction of economic rights for women & the strategy women’s economic empowerment. 

Participatory action research (PAR) is a collaborative process that refers to practical solutions and the creation of a joint report / study including with all partners. Collaboration between partners to strengthen network, credibility and cooperative research and data for those who participated. In this training, the participants learned about the meaning of the PAR, understood the methods and steps to create PAR and how to plan for PAR and data collection.

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