News & Updates 12 January 2019

AJAR’s Partner Vimutti Women’s Organization Launches Participatory Action Research Report

[quote]The violence that we faced was not only the brutal torture during our arrest, but also the discrimination from our communities afterward. That sort of discrimination affected our mental health.[/quote]

– Ma Soe Soe Khaing (former political prisoner and activist, Myanmar)

AJAR’s partner Vimutti Women’s Organisation launched a report based on their participatory action research with 10 former women political prisoners around Myanmar. The report includes the stories of the women and documents how they have struggled and endured in interrogation centres and prison.

Research findings include the following:

  • The women lack support or acknowledgement from communities about what they experienced and how they have suffered or survived the violations
  • The women believe that the government should help with reparations
  • The women faced trauma and physical injuries from their prison that still affect them to this very day

Download the PDF (available in Burmese)